Fuck off & leave them alone (2003-03-24)

Dear S

Fuck off. That is all I have to say to you. FUCK OFF.

Wait, no, there is more- How DARE you sit in judgement of those protesting for peace? Just because the leader of your nation ignores the fucking UN and decides to drag the world into the war, don't expect everyone else to approve!

Yeah yeah only 1 in 296 ********* disapprove of the war, big fucking deal! Hasn't it occurred to you that ******* isn't the only goddamn country in the world?? Incredible amounts of people are protesting WORLDWIDE, because they disagree with the war. And for the love of the goddess we've already seen how the people of ******* chose a friggin war monger in the first place, so it's hardly surprising is it?

And 'free poor kuwait'?? What the fuck?? The reason that kuwait is under suddam's control is because of friggin ******* in the first place! And according to you, war is the only way to stop 9/11 from happening again- exsqueese me? If a certain country wasn't so fucking paranoid about communism, to the point where they would TRAIN someone who would later bomb them, you might not have a problem!

But what really really pissed me off, was the whole thing about how protesters should stop exercising their right to free assembly, because apparently they should support the war, otherwise those in the middle east would never have a chance to have those same rights- and you targeted women in this catergory. Umm, hello?

First off do you REALLY think that after your country has swooped in and removed the oil this war was started over to begin with, that they will stay to actually fix the mess that they have caused? Since when does a war automatically pave the way for democracy? Second, the leader of YOUR country, if he has his way, will systematically remove all of the rights that women in YOUR country have fought for, starting with reproductive control, and YOUR country put this man in power in the first place.

So fuck off and let those with a social conscience protest their asses off. It's the only power they have left.


heart - break

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