You deserve more than this (2003-03-30)

Dear Blankie,

Hey sweetie *huggles*. I miss you heaps and dearly wish we lived in the same city, or at the very least I could tell you what I so desperately want to. Unfortunately though, we don't, and I can't and so I am reduced to writing you a letter I will never send.

I guess what I want to know is, why do you do this to yourself? I have known you for over 2 years now and I would say I know you pretty damn well, yet this is beyond me. Why do you let this continue?

WHAT do you see in him?

WHAT THE FUCK makes him so damn special, that you would actually compromise on your own values and let him feel other girls up?? Don't you see how utterly WRONG that is?!

Goddess, how I hate him! Before it was just dislike, but it has become full blown hatred after all this bullshit he's put you through- why the hell are you putting up with it?

GODDAMNIT! I hate just sitting by and watching him hurt you! I absolutely detest the fact that you ALLOW him to, and that I can't do a goddamned thing about it. How can you bear to let him do everything you allow him to do?

What has he done to deserve your love and trust? I can tell you- SWEET FUCK ALL. In the time that you have been together, all that he has succeeded in doing is being a secretive asshole, hiding things from you, lying to you and generally treating you (and me along the way) like shit.


You are beautiful (and he is not even goodlooking).

You are smart (and he didn't even finish highschool).

You are a kind and generous person (and he acts like a selfish, spoilt child)

You are considerate (and he hangs up on people and ditches your own birthday dinner).

You are worth SO MUCH MORE than he can ever give you, so why the fuck are you so blind to that fact? Why do you stay with someone who treats you so badly? Why have you given up SO MUCH to be with this man, this ugly, stupid, self centered asshole, who says that he loves you and then hurts you so much that you have to cry on the phone to me about it?


Scream at him, yell at him, tell him all the things that you won't and then DUMP HIM, because he will never ever be the person you think he is, and the person that you actually need him to be.

Or at the very least, let me do it for you. Let me come over and beat the living emotional crap out of him, because that is what HE deserves, not you.

I love you and I want you to be happy, but you need to understand that that is why I cannot support this relationship, because I can see all the things you can't, and all I can see for you and him is pain.


heart - break

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