I need to dance. (2003-04-12)

Dear Pommar,

I miss you like crazy. I need to dance. I need to dance soo badly! I feel myself having withdrawals, I am literally shaking with the amount of pent up emotion within me. I need to dance. I need to get this shit out before I explode!

I just need the music and the total and utter freedom of moving my body to it's own tune. I need to let go of the chains of frustration that bind me. I need release. I need to go and dance soon or I will actually vomit these emotional toxins from my body. I feel psychically and emotionally sick, if I don't go and dance all this shit out soon, I don't know what's going to happen.

Please, please, pull some strings up there and give me an opportunity to let this all go, before it's too late.


heart - break

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