My somebody? (2003-07-08)

Dear Mel,

I need you. I need you to be strong and tell M to fuck off for once in your life. I need you to stop being manipulated and be THERE for me. I need you, don't you get it?

The whole concept of a somebody is that you put that person first, and that person is meant to be me! I managed to tell several people to fuck off because seeing you was more important, why can't you be strong enough to do the same thing? Why do you let yourself be manipulated to the detriment of our time together? Don't you realise that I'm only holding on by a bloody thread?

You give me a big kick up the arse to sort my shit out, so why the fuck can't you do the same? You're my arsecrack avenger, so why can't you put your money where your mouth is and be there for me damnitt?

I need you Mel, so are you strong enough to be there for me, or have I just been deluding myself for the last year? You say that I'm your somebody, so why don't you fucking well act like it?


heart - break

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