False Altruism (2003-09-27)

Dear Misguided Uncle,

I know your heart was in the right place, but really, fuck you. You have no right to try to make me do a fucking course against my will.

I love the fact that you think that a money making scheme run over three days is going to heal years of abuse. I mean really, if I wasn't so angry, I'd be laughing my arse off.

Particularly as you dared to tell me that I was jumping the gun by dismissing your offer. You, who paid a deposit for a course without consulting me first, completely ignoring the fact that it would be run during my exam period, tell ME that I'm being hasty.

You ignore the fact that the worst thing you can do to survivors of abuse is to put them in a position where they feel threatened, by taking away their choices and their power- that this makes you just as bad as the abuser.

You make yourself out to be the model of altruism, paying for me to do a stupid course I don't even want to do to 'give me some peace', not even considering that perhaps if you did not continue your friendship with the very person who hurt me in the first place, that would be a step in the direction.

You really don't have any idea do you?


heart - break

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