No prizes for guessing (2003-12-09)

Dear James,

You know some people might view you as a prize. You are the quintessential eligible bachelor- smart, goodlooking and wealthy. Oh and did I mention unobtainable? You are what every girl is told by her mother to look for in order to set her up for life, and I think that makes you wary, because you know it.

What you may not know however, is that I am not one of those girls. I donít care about your money, I donít need it and I certainly donít want it. All I want, is you. If you came from a more Ďnormalí middle class family, I would still want you, in fact in some ways I would prefer it.

This could appear strange to you, being conditioned as you are to be suspicious of anyone who expresses any interest, searching for ulterior motives at every turn, but hereís the thing: I donít want your money for the express purpose that it is the one thing that keeps me away from you. It ensures that you keep women at arms length, worrying about gold digging, but even worse, it means that you go away for lengthy periods several times a year, making me miss you like crazy!

So Iím here to tell you that I would have you give up everything that you are worth, just to have you here with me. And I mean that, because while you may not be a prize, you are the most incredible person I have ever met and I would do anything to have you.


heart - break

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