Heartbreak (2006-05-06)

Dear Matt,
I miss you. Which is insane. I mean I met you once for crissakes and yet what I felt was INCREDIBLE. I have never felt that way. EVER.
I felt like I had known you forever. I felt like you understood me. I almost passed out when you touched me, I wanted you so much, and please believe me, if my friend hadn't been there the night would have turned out very differently!
When I was in your arms, I realised what I had been missing all of these years and saw the possibility of things I never even knew I wanted. And then you left and now I don't know that I will ever see you again.
How ironic that I finally felt what everyone has been telling me about, only to have it ripped away. I couldn't believe that I actually felt something so strongly that I never knew existed and never thought I could ever feel, only to discover that you were going to London the next week and I could never have it.
To quote Notting Hill- I feel like I've taken love heroin and now I can never, ever have it again.
I only spent 6 hours with you, but you got under my skin like no-one, not even James ever has. How can I be addicted to someone I don't even know?
I miss you and I would give ANYTHING to see you again and see what it would be like to feel that intensely all the time. I think I might die, but it would only be due to acute happiness.
Please come back. Just once, so i can know if it was real, or just another fantasy within my head.
Please come back so I can touch you again. I know that even if it was only for a moment I would cherish it for the rest of my life.
Please, Matt come back, not seeing you is breaking my heart.

heart - break

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