Just stop (2008-03-23)

Dear Gallus,

Fuck you. Fuck you for turning up yet again and acting like you have some place in my life, like you have the RIGHT to be a part of it.
You act like nothing ever happened, but that's such crap because EVERYTHING happened! You took my entire world and turned it upside down and it's taken me until now, 18 months and half a dozen boys later to finally start to feel like I belong to myself again, to finally start to heal.
And of course you pick this opportune time to pop back up, tearing open all of the old wounds and pulling me right back to you.
I just want it to stop. I just want you to let me go. I just want to feel like a normal goddamn person, rather than this hollow shell that you discarded, because it's killing me.
So just stop okay? You owe me that much.

heart - break

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