Where to now? (2008-04-09)

Dear Nathan,

So we had a text convo today and I'm even more confused. I think we're meant to be just friends, but frankly, I'm not sure how that's going to roll when we see eachother.

I'm pretty sure you're going to break up with her properly this time, but I'm not sure how messy it's going to be and whether I want to be anywhere near it, coz I may very well make things much worse.

Do you know the funny part was, I asked you here to tell me that it was all going to work out and feakishly you kinda did. Today you said "things have a way of working out =)" almost as if you had read the letter I wrote to you, or maybe just the thoughts inside my head.

I am utterly at a loss as to where this is going to go, if anywhere. I guess we'll both find out, won't we?


heart - break

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