To my readers (2008-04-27)

To all my readers,

Thankyou. Thankyou for taking the time to read my mundane thoughts. If even one person reads these pages and feels less alone then I am certainly honoured to have helped, even by accident. A big shout out in particular to those who have taken a moment to drop me a note, or an email, or add me and tell me their thoughts. Thankyou!

I have been asked to tell my story, or rather the story behind some of the letters that I write to people and I have been thinking about it. The thing is that that is a story I have already told, in a different diary, the diary that is the face I present to the world.

That diary is the one I grew up in and wrote so many long winded self-absorbed tales of drama and woe and uni life (among other things). This diary is different, this is the pure emotion behind all of the bullshit. There is no pretending here.

Thus to repost some of the stories, or alternatively link it to my other diary would defeat the purpose and I feel inherent nature of this diary, which is purely anonymous. I started it to write letters to my dead grandmother and over time it has evolved and changed as I have, but it has always been my hidden self, with less polish and glamour than my 'real self' so to speak.

For those of you dying to read it anyway, it's under aeira and this is the first and only time it will ever be mentioned. If you do choose to look at my other face, please respect the fact that I have tried to keep it separate to protect some people from that world who may be hurt if they were ever brought into this one.


heart - break

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