Goddamnitt (2008-08-25)

Dear Melbourne Boy,

So, Iím pissed at you. I know thatís probably not really fair, but tough bikkies.

Iím pissed that I finally got up the courage to talk to you, only to find out that you have a g/f- after telling me how things are all shit and you needed time to get over your ex and wouldnít get into another relationship for a long time etc. etc.

Well donít I just feel like a dickhead.

I liked you, do you know how rare that is?! And I know you prolly thought I was with someone else too, but I WASNíT because I still had a connection to you, despite the fact you live across the country.

And now I just feel like a complete and utter fuckwit for thinking that you and I might have a chance.

See this is why I donít ever allow myself to get my hopes up, because the second that I actually start to think that something in my life could go my way, it all turns to shit.

Hope is for stupid people. Turns out I was one of them after all.


heart - break

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