I wish (2008-08-29)

Dear Gallus,

So I don't know what to say. I just have been thinking about you heaps lately and with a more positive mindset, which I know is dangerous, because let's face it, you and me just isn't going to happen and even if it did, one or the other of us would fuck it up.

It still makes me sad that we can't even speak at the moment though, coz you were a massive part of my life for a really really long time and I still sort of miss that in a vague way, like I know there is this vacuum where something/someone should be.

I still want to tell you things and talk things over and have cuddles, but I just can't keep having you fuck up my life, which for some reason, is all you seem to do.

But it still sucks that 6 years of friendship has come to this.

I wish it didn't pan out this way.

I wish you and I didn't get so damn complicated

I wish you didn't cause me so much pain all of the time.

I wish we could actually be friends without it hurting both of us so much.

But I'm a little low on fairy dust...


heart - break

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