And I'm back in the game! (2008-12-15)

Dear Craig,

So, I randomly bumped into you at the shops today and you stopped and chatted and flirted and I remembered that my old self was back and she wouldn't have been afraid and would have pushed this way further by now.

So I just randomly showed up at your place tonight and chatted with you and your housemate for like over an hour and you were interested in what I had to say and kinda made eyes at me and I remembered something- Fortune favours the brave. There's no use in being a wussy girl and hiding away because
a) That is sooo not me
b) It definitely won't get me anywhere and
c) It's bloody irritating, I hate those girls!

So basically I'm just putting it out there that I will keep coming around and chatting and flirting until you get it together, because I've decided this is actually kinda fun.

Til next time (probably tomorrow)

heart - break

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