Thinking of the footfalls (2008-12-16)

Dear Craig,

So I brought you a random signing page tonight and you loved it and we chatted more and then you came over to my place and looked at chrissie decorations and then stood outside and chatted some more. And I was serious for a sec about something and you totally understood, so it's not just fun and games any more.

Still not sure how this is going to roll and whether you actually want a relationship, or whether you are yet another guy who treats girls like meat- although I don't think you are and more importantly *I* definitely don't fit into the latter category!

I don't think this is going to be established before we both go away, but I'm hoping I've left enough of an impression for you to remember me while I'm gone and when I get back- who knows?


P.S It's still fun, either way!

heart - break

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