It is a new age (2009-01-11)

Dear Craig,

So I went around to your house yesterday and then last night and we talked for like 2 hours about everything and anything. And I found out what the weirdness was about- you met another girl and you are trying to see where that goes. Thus you backed off from me a bit while you try to decide between the two of us.

While I'm pretty sure it will only be a rebound for both of you- and the fact she lives in Newcastle is also a pretty negative factor- so it's not like I'm not still in with a shot, I still can't help feeling like this is somewhat futile.

If you don't like me enough to decide for certain that I'm the one you want, without having to wait and see when she comes up in a couple of weeks, I think I need to make this decision for you:

I'm out!

I am so sick of being Plan B, and even more exasperated with being 'maybe' girl- as in 'maybe if things don't work out with this other girl, I'll come back to you'.

No! I say NO! You WON'T come back to me, because I will not be there to come back to. I deserve MORE than this shit! I like you, or at least I did, and I was disappointed when I first found out- but more so because I was just like 'what, AGAIN?!'.

I realised you see that you are just like the rest unfortunately. And that my now only to be friend, is not good enough for me.

So this is me, walking away. I would like to welcome you to the world I am creating for myself where I don't put up with this crap and settle for second best. And you just don't cut it.


heart - break

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