Absence makes the heart healthier (2009-01-12)

Dear Gallus,

So another shiny bites the dust, in the spectacular kind of failure that only my love life is capable of. And it makes me want to talk to you so bad I can barely stand it. There are so many things I would ask-

Like if you still think about me whenever you see a couple on a bike, or something purple, or a can of chickpeas.

Or if every time you hear our song you have to change the radio station, because you miss me so much it hurts.

Or if you still dream about me, even as you actively avoid thinking about me in real life, because your subconscious can't seem to forget quite so easily.

Or if you still wonder what might have been if you could have actually just allowed it to work and let yourself be happy.

But most of all I want to ask what on earth it was that made you love me so much, what was it that made you worship my body the way that you did- and more importantly, how can I get that back?

But then I remember that as much as I would love to have the answers, I can't allow you back into my life, because it is much less complicated without you in it.


heart - break

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