Fruitless (2009-02-06)

Dear Nathan,

So you haven't disappeared, but you haven't exactly committed to anything either. It's kinda like you've dipped a toe in the water, and you haven't taken it out, but you haven't taken the plunge either.

And so we return to limbo land. I spend so much goddamned time here, I swear I should purchase property!

Like you texted me tonight & asked me what my plans were for the weekend. And yes, I know you, so I know that is basically the furthest you ever go in terms of organising something, but come on dude, if this is what you want, you really need to step it up.

I don't think I'm being unreasonable to expect you to maybe offer up an invitation along the lines of 'Hey, if you're not busy let's catch up'. It's a simple courtesy, I'm not exactly demanding sonnets!

Like I know you asked, and then I replied and then you told me your plans, and I know that if I had said 'well what if we do x' you wouldn't have objected, but that's bullshit, that's making me do all the goddamned work!

And the thing is, genuinely I would have to go out of my way this weekend due to pre-organised plans, and I can't be bothered if you can't get off your arse to even ASK me to hang out.

God, what is the point?! Why bother contacting me at all?! Please, hear me, just DO SOMETHING ALREADY, you are driving me crazy!


heart - break

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