I think the gene pool may need some chlorine (2009-03-06)

Dear Gallus,

So, if facebook is anything to go by it seems like my freaky dreams have struck again- and you did get her pregnant again and she kept it this time.

See, technically I don't know for sure, it MAY be your brother or sister again, but that would mean kid number 3 for both of them and reasonably quickly after kid number 2 for both of them...

But I don't know, the timing is just too damn weird- I mean I dream that you have a son not once, but twice in July last year, which would be...oh that's right, 9 MONTHS AGO.

Then yesterday your mum pokes me with 'rocking the granny panties'- which I didn't think about until today when your sister in law posted that she hopes her 'new nephew makes a fast recovery'.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the same kid I dreamed about- particularly because in my dream, there were problems, which would make sense.

And I just feel...weird, because I don't actually know how I feel. I'm not upset, I just feel WEIRD. Like it's totally fucking bizarre to think that you're a dad.

You're a DAD- wtf?

I just can't quite absorb this information. I mean, you never wanted kids- hence the 2 different times where you have aborted your future offspring. And you hate the person that you are with and are miserable and you effectively cheated on her with me last Xmas and I just...can't process this...you have a KID, how did this happen?!?!?

My little head keeps trying to make sense of this and it's just like white noise- probably because it's just totally INSANE.

You have no money.

She has no job

You don't like her

She's not good for you

You are both completely irresponsible- I mean you live with your mother and you're 30 for fuck's sake!

Why oh why would you have a child??? Particularly when you don't like kids??

Okay, I think the processing is happening...and it's not pretty...

heart - break

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