Feel the irony #2 (2009-04-16)

Dear Gallus,

So I have been reading other diaries again, immersing myself in their thoughts and I realised something- pretty much everyone is just as fucked up about sex as I am. Seriously, it may be for different reasons, but it's just a goddamn mess. And strangely, this does make me feel a lot better.

Do you remember...wait of course you don't, but I'm a girl so *I* do- do you *realise* that the 2 & a half year mark has just passed and it will be 3 years in September?

I will laugh my fucking arse off if it ends up being the day I go O/S, that will just be too damn funny. I mean really, I finally make the penultimate move to start my life anew on the anniversary of the day when it all fell apart. There's a certain symmetry in that that might be considered beautiful, if it wasn't so goddamn ironic.


heart - break

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