Changes (2009-04-18)

Dear Gallus,

SO I'm thinking I need to change some things. Lots of things. In no particular order:

-My hair, after years of it being so long (past my waist) I'm thinking of having it all chopped off- to my shoulders maybe?

- Deleting my myspace completely. I never use it anyway!

-Deleting everyone on my facebook that I have ever had any romantic connection with (except Bill, he can stay, he causes no angst and we are actually friends). This includes Melbourne boy, and that weird guy I sort of started to date online, and yes, the whole of your family. I feel bad with your mum, but if she wants to talk to me, she has my number and my proper email, so I'm not completely cutting her out.
Same goes for your brother, although he hasn't talked to me in a while, probably because he of all people knew that you were in love with me, not the girl you're actually living with and Kain, bless him, has morals about that sort of thing.

-Getting a new Dr who is actually experienced with my crappy problem

-Organising to cancel my phone when I go to the UK, which will mean that my number is nevermore. This will also be the end of the final link between us & will pretty much mean that you will no longer have any way to contact to me and with the facebook cull you won't be able to stalk my life either.
Don't think I don't know that you do that, there is no fucking way it was your sister who was chatting to me the other night, or at least not by her own impetus. What does Hayley care about me having a new job? Seriously? That was you and we both know it.

-Moving to the other side of the world where you have absolutely no part of my life and no contact within it.

Yeah, sounds like a plan!


heart - break

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