Le sigh (2009-04-17)

Dear Melbourne boy,

Okay so I am totally pathetic, but this thing came up on facebook that you were going to this party and I haven't checked in on you in a while, so I clicked on your page and you are apparently in a relationship with this girl.

And all I could think was- fuck you (to her), she gets you and she's not even pretty and not even your type (too skinny)...and oh my god I am a terrible & shallow person.

Sigh. I'm just jealous & pissed off I guess. I'm over you, I don't actually want to be with you- particularly not until you sort your meds out, but I still miss you and that awesome week and just the way that it just WORKED, so easily, without me even having to try. Damn I miss that.

And everyone is moving on and moving up and I am going nowhere...well that is not entirely true, I am moving across the other side of the world in 4 months, but you know what I mean.

I know that we weren't meant to be, obviously, or it wouldn't have been such a mess logistically, but I guess a part of me is still disappointed that I can't have you as my Plan B....and again I am a horrible person, I hate it when people plan b me, I shouldn't do it to you.

Just so you know though, if we actually lived in the same postcode you would be Plan A, without a doubt.

xoxo Me

P.S I think I need to get rid of you on my facebook though, I hate having to deal with this stress all the time

heart - break

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