I wish you knew that I wasn't his (2009-05-31)

Dear Marty,

I know this is completely crazy stalker like, but I'm hoping that maybe if I send this out into the universe, it might actually make something twinge, somewhere.

I want you to know that I noticed you as soon as you walked into the room and your eyes met mine & didn't look away until you saw Ben. I know that you thought we were together, but we're not. I SWEAR.

Honestly you have no idea how much I just wanted to yell at him to leave me alone because I wanted you to feel that you had a clear shot. But you didn't, I know, and so you left with nothing concrete but some intense eye contact.

I guess, if nothing else I wanted you to know that I think you're the type of guy that I have been looking for and I really don't understand why you're so sweet and cute, but still single. Oh and you have the most beautiful soulful eyes I've ever seen.


heart - break

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