Absence of mind at last (2009-08-01)

Dear Gallus,

Do you know what I realised tonight- it was your birthday almost a week ago and I completely forgot. I wasn't even trying to not think of it or anything, I just forgot. I don't even think I was that busy- I just forgot.

Do you know how freakin cool that is? I always remember your birthday- ALWAYS. And for the past 7 years I have sent you a text and more often than not gotten you a present. It was also our 'anniversary' so to speak- AND I DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF IT ONCE.

I am so excited by that, you have no idea. I am over you, like really truly over you!

And the scary part is that with this emotional clarity I see just how fucked up it all was, and how much of a loser you are. Which makes me feel like a bit of an idiot for wasting so much time on you, but I guess it's like the song- I made a mistake in giving me to you, I made a mistake in loving you.

I won't make it again.

-Me (who belongs to herself, not you)

heart - break

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