reality check (2009-09-08)

Dear Gallus,

So I'm pretty sure I saw you today, working at the show and the reason I'm not positive it was you is because you looked like crap. Seriously, you looked unhealthy and miserable and your hair was just gross.

And the weird part was, I wasn't upset, or mad, or even sad, all I felt was this overwhelming sense of pity. And relief that I wasn't around to watch your demise, because the person i saw today was a shell of the person I loved.

And it was just so pathetic, that I was there seeing my brother before I go overseas to work and live and star in my own adventure and you were working there, peeling potatoes. That is what your life has become.

And it was just so surreal, because I realised that you and I are now so far apart we may as well be inhabiting different planets. i know we supposedly live in a classless society, but seeing you today reminded me that that isn't true and that you were right when you said I deserved better.

I hated you for a long time for moving on without me, but I realised today that in reality, I have moved onwards and upwards whereas you have just slid downward into oblivion. I can't be mad any more because seeing you today I saw how pathetic and small your life now is and how much better mine is without you in it.

So I guess all I can say is I'm sorry that this is what your life has become, but grateful that mine is going in a whole new direction, away from you. I will never take that for granted again.



heart - break

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