Random Frustrations (2002-01-16)

Dear world,

So the shit just keeps on coming- random crap continues to go wrong. I the last 24 hrs alone:
-the stupid DCC has lost my paperwork for my seemingly essential memory stick. I continue to be hounded about this because my reports contain sensitive info blah blah blah. And then they lose the paperwork which was a pain in the arse the first time but is incredibly irritating the second!
-the stupid centre manager keeps forgetting to get me a phone, which means I can't do my training, which I am also hounded at least once a day about.
- I tried twice to call my mother- incurring international costs each time, only to get a hold of her the third time for her to tell me to call back. I did, only for her to tell me she couldn't talk to me. It's called texting Mum, use it!
- I was meant to have this afternoon off, which I desperately needed, only to have to stay at work to go to this fucking meeting because I can't trust anyone else to do their goddamn job properly.
- I did finally go and see my old housemates (how I miss them), but in my infinite wisdom and rush to get home because I was starving I left my phone- which I discovered once I got home, so I had to turn around and do a whole round trip again!
- I called the shipping company only to find out that not only did my so called friend not send my stuff, but he complained to them that he was "not happy with the arrangement". Fucking dickhead, all he has to do is be home and they will pick the fucking thing up. End of story.

FUCK! I just feel like my life is unravelling in a way I haven't felt in a long time. And I don't like it. I had to talk myself out of a full blown anxiety attack today, by just reminding myself that it is just a box and while irritating, i can survive without it. I just might have to get a new prescription for my contacts is all. Which is going to be a headfuck and a half, but still, I can do that. My work stuff though. Dear god, I do need that :/

Okay. Breathe. Tomorrow I will call my Bub and he will make me feel better. He always does. Awww. I miss him :( And my cat. I hope he is getting the cuddles he needs/deserves.

I really wish that guy had called me. I could seriously use some sexual fun right now, this stress is making me postal. Damn him for making me remember how much I loved it and missed it, damn him to Hades!

Mokay need to sleep. Have to get up obscenely early to put my car in. And talk to my Bub. Just thinking about that makes me feel better.

Night all

xo Me

heart - break

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