Fuck this (2010-01-04)

To my so called friends,

That's it. I'm fucking done. I am sick of being friends with people and bending over backwards for people that just end up hurting me.

Mel- You fucking ended your friendship with Aidz after 6 years because he didn't ask you how you were. Do you ever fucking ask how *I* am? No, of course not.
Not fucking getting involved? How convenient! You dragged BB into it when you when psycho at me last year and this time around, you haven't not gotten involved, you've just taken his side.

BB- I use people? Really? May I remind you that I was the ONLY person who was there for you when you busted your knee. Who took you home from the hospital? Oh yeah, that would be ME. Who was the ONLY person who actually visited you? Oh yeah, that would be ME. Who was the person who came around and made you dinner and made sure you had what you needed? Oh yeah, that would be ME.

If anyone uses people for their benefit, without ever giving anything in return it would be Mel- who has done nothing for you, ever, yet asks everything of you, always.

Fuck you both, I'm out.

I'm overseas and I am taking steps to ensure that I can stay here. I sure as fuck won't be coming back to that shithole state. I'll go get my shit out of BB's house and put it in storage, or send it back home and then you will never hear from me again.


heart - break

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