Post Holland (2010-01-30)

Dear Gallus,

So I just got back today from Amsterdam and I have lots to say about lots of things that I thought inside my little head- I am never leaving my paper journal at home EVER AGAIN!- but I am exhausted, so I'll keep this one brief.

Fuck me, did I miss you.

Maybe it was the pervasive smell of pot everywhere, maybe it was the redlight district (which would have made you laugh your arse off, then pull me in for a cuddle, telling me something along the lines of "I can't believe they get paid for that, you could totally top that, coz your nipples ROCK!"), maybe it was the tall, hot, blue eyed look-a-likes as far as the eye could see, but I thought about you pretty much every single second.

It was fucking horrible, I haven't missed you that much since just after we split.

My eyes hurt from lack of sleep and my heart aches from lack of cuddles :(


heart - break

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