Retraction (2002-01-01)

Dear Gallus,

So, I got some sleep and I had a think and then I spoke to my boys today and now I feel much better.

The thing is, yes, you loved me, but as I was telling my housemate when she asked, you were also totally fucked up and constantly kept me in a state of stress and anxiety.

Who the hell needs that?

And the truth is, all of the good stuff with us happened a long long time ago and we are both different people- you have become even more pathetic and screwed up and I have stopped being so damn needy and afraid and gone back to being intolerant of your bullshit.

So basically, maybe this is it for me, maybe you are all I get, but fuck it, I am still going to enjoy every damn second I can, because at least I'm not in a cage.

If solitude is the price I have to pay for freedom, then so be it.


heart - break

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