I do know where the blame lies... (2002-01-28)

Dear Gallus,

Mokay so where was I??

Oh that's right- my odds suck. But here's the ridiculously ironic thing, I do not know WHAT it is, but I have a reputation as a sex kitten.

What the fuck?

I am serious, so many people (including 2 of the previously mentioned -5) have made comments along the lines of "I think you would be a really bad girl...but in the really GOOD kind of way." (You can thank Sam for that gem).

You yourself mentioned numerous times that I was evil/ a total bedroom badass, BEFORE we slept together of course.

And strangers, for some insane reason, also seem to get this impression. On the weekend a friend of a friend, started talking about how I'm obviously a sex kitten- and this was before my housemate informed her that I like the lights ON lol.

So this is what I don't get, what is it that people see that makes them think that? And why the hell don't I think/feel that way about myself??

I don't know what it is, but I suspect it is your fault...


heart - break

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