Homelessness (2002-02-18)

Dear Gallus,

So I am stressed to all fuck- complete with the weird sexual cravings to go with it. Arrrggh I could do someone some serious damage right now argnnarghnargh *gnashes teeth*.

Okay, take a breath. I am just pissed I think, that I always end up in these crazy arsed situations where I try to do what is difficult for normal people to accomplish in a regular time period- except I have to do in a completely stupid time period. Right now it is 2 days.

In two days I have to pack everything, put it in my car, then transfer it to my friend's car so that I can put my car in to be cleaned, then return my car, then get picked up to go to my party because, oh yeah, I am also finishing up my job. No, I am not taking any time off.

Then I have a day of "rest". Then in two days I have to drive to the other side of the country and find a new place to live and a new car to purchase and unpack my friend's car and move in to the house I will hopefully have found. In two days.

Why oh why do I do this to myself???

I need a cuddle real bad. I would give anything to be held and have my hair stroked. Hell, I might even let them keep their clothes on lol.


heart - break

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