The shitstorm continues (2010-04-04)

Dear Gallus,

Soooo to update:

Have housing until the 29th, then homeless once more.

Am looking at a car today, so that shall hopefully improve this whole process, as then at least I have a place to put my stuff if I need to go and hotel for a bit.

Lost my USB. Strangely does not feel lost, therefore I have not started to panic. Even though it has every piece of intellectual property to come out of my brain in the last 3 years. So many pro-formas for programs and resources and shit you really don't want to lose.

Due to lost USB, am currently rewriting assignment that was on USB. Except I keep hoping it will turn up and therefore avoiding it. I will have to call my last hotel on Tues and just check if they found it (given that I also left my toothpaste and toothbrush there, it's prolly not a stretch).

Am ridiculously bored/lonely. I got used to having people around, particularly with Smee coming to stay and now I am back to being a solitary little soul. My current housemate is nice, but busy with family and B/F stuff, being Easter and all.

Job got off to a hellish start as my manager has turned out to be a modern Medusa psycho hose beast. No fucking concept of induction or orientation and fucking cow booked in clients on my first day- WHAT THE FUCK?! How's about giving me 2 seconds to learn where shit is first??

But no, apparently she "expected me to have some initiative" and doesn't think "seeing a single client is really strenuous". Uh yeah it is, when you have never even stepped foot in the goddamn clinic and are HOMELESS you arsehole!

Seriously, she must be Aspergers, because she clearly has no fucking empathy or concept of how things are from another person's perspective. Theory of mind anyone??

Thus, need to have meeting with actual bosses (who were both conveniently away) to be like WTF, fix it, or I walk. In fact, may walk anyway. Will just do a couple of weeks- as long as I have accommodation- and then bail. Fuck this shit, I don't need it.

All in all, this week has been SHIT. I just don't get why the universe feels the need to rain bollocks upon my head. Seriously, I am a good person, I don't deliberately hurt or fuck over other people, so why do I get the sharp end of the stick on a continual basis??

I so desperately want to go back home for some R&R. But I have to stay for my big trip in May. That is currently the only thing that is keeping me going. Unfortunately I have an absolutely obscene amount of work I need to get done for uni before that, coz stuff is due when I'm away and then the big projects are due after with not much time to get them done.

My aim this weekend is to get the lost assignment and the next one done for one topic. Then see how I go reading the article for the other one online- if not print it off at work (hopefully) and then do it next week. I will also endeavour to save some articles for the big assignment that is due in a few weeks and print them off also.

Next weekend I think I shall go to Brighton, or maybe London (depending on what's cheaper) and do some exploring. And get started on the stupid cookie theft assignment and then reading for the next module for the other topic.

I figure while I have no life, I may as well make use of the time of enforced hibernation productively.

I could really use a cuddle right about now though. *Sigh*


heart - break

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