Tis done. Thank fuck. (2010-04-30)

Dear Readers,

Well thanks goes to Miss Alyssa for reminding me not to be such a slacker (You go do YOUR work missy! :P). The horrid, hated, motherfucking cookie theft assignment is finally submitted- complete with anal retentive referencing. Christ, I had forgotten how much of a pain in the arse it was- fuck you APA! Now let us hope I never have to deal with it ever again, or I really may go insane *nods sagely*.

But the sun is shining and my work is done, so now I can go play in the sunshine and go shopping- huzzah! I need some major celebratory calories fo sho!

Oh and I get to go talk to my Bub, coz it's my reward for finishing AND it's his birthday today. I cannot believe he is 20, I remember when he was a newborn and used to sleep in my room!! I wish I was there to give him a big squishy huggle. Le sigh.

Oh well, sunshine! No more work!! Cake!!! Wheeeeee!!!


heart - break

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