Psy = Highly Recommended (2010-05-04)

Dear Gallus,

So I had an awesome weekend, marred only slightly by minor insomnia. The circus was AMAZING- but made me really nostalgic, because I was watching some of it going- I wish I still did that.

On a random side note, there was this stuff with knives/short swords and it just looked really...familiar...and then I realised it was basically a clubs routine, but with sharps. Complete with mills and a toe breaker and an illusion-I could totally do that!! Like, really, no bullshit over confidence, I used to do that crap all the time (without the sharps), so I just need the right type of knives and it's on!

Meanwhile the trapeze and aerial stuff made me sigh with desire. I really really really want to do aerial work. My friend on the GC told me about some classes and I was totally going to go, but I was already packed out between hip hop, funk, pilates, burlesque and counselling- I couldn't fit it in and then of course I was leaving and you really need to devote a couple of months to developing some basic skills to get anywhere.

But I think that the time for excuses has passed, I need to go for it, it would just be ridiculously fun. I'm not sure if I have the flex, but I could develop that a bit more and I'm not afraid of heights. It would develop my upper body strength as well, which would be a good thing. So yes, watch this space, it will happen!

And then there was York- where we found these italian stalls, but selling greek food. I had proper, real deal, fresh dolmades for the first time in like 5 years. They were so good I almost orgasmed on the spot. And we bought a ridiculous amount of baklava- yum yum yum!

And we walked and walked and walked and ate awesome antipasti italian that night because we were so ridiculously full and went to Iron Man- which rocked and discussed plans for Spain & France visitation in July. Oh and I got a cool Star Wars shirt to add to my nerd girl collection for only 5 pounds, so I was happy.

Random side note 2: I made Meg stay til the end of the movie, because there's always an end bit and then it was all about the hammer and I was the only one, in a room full of boys that was like 'oooooeeer THOR!!!'. And then they all went 'Oh yeah, Thor'. Geeez guys, get it together :P

All in all, twas fantastic and really what I needed to recharge. I am now much more perky to dive back into the hell of ridiculous amounts of uni work and fighting to have a job when I get back from my trip.

I am hoping it's going to go a bit better emotionally this time around. I am prepared for your doppelgangers in Amsterdam and suspect I will be so busy at the Rijks that I won't care anyway. As for dealing with everything else- we'll see.

I intend to wring as much as I can from this experience. And I can't wait for all those new stamps in my passport. It helps to remind me of how large my world is, now I'm not worrying about you and your bullshit all the time.


heart - break

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