Somewhat healthy (2010-05-07)

Dear Gallus,

Isomnia is the current flavour of the day. It's annoying me, because I don't want to waste my days and I actually really can't afford to, as I have so much to get done before I go. Thus I don't sleep, but I still force myself to get up.

Thus far I have been a good little munchikin and two assignments have been completed. The third nasty one is still pending, but readings have also been completed, so now it is less horrible and scary- although the mother fucking X bar style BS for the phrase trees is still pissing me off.

Why couldn't they have left it like it was?? It was so much easier! At least I have discovered a similar analysis somewhere else, so I just have to apply that to mine and we're good to go.

So it looks like the job in Canterbury is my only option- on the upside have emailed about a GORGEOUS looking house and apparently my company has a car for me, so that's a win. I'm still a bit smeh about the position, but if it's short term, who the hell cares? The lady did sound lovely on the phone and after the recent psycho medusa hose beast experience, that would be nice.

In more amusing news, I went to the bank to change my addy and had them tell me that my balance was looking "somewhat healthy" so they have increased the interest earning on my account- yay for me!

I leave for my trip in 3 days!!!! I have been halfway packing- as in there are piles ready to go, but nothing has entered the suitcase as of yet.

I had all of this witty and amusing stuff to put in here that was sparked by a recent note I received, but I dunno, I'm just not feeling it.

I am really tired- I am sick of not sleeping. I dreamt about you the other night, I can't remember what it was about, or why, or anything really, I just know that you were there and I know that my stress levels are making it impossible for my brain to switch off and so I just go over and over things that I cannot make sense of- You and everything that happened being top of the list of course.

At least now I have readings on the C command and co-referents to do. That is definitely sleep inducing!

I wonder though...when will I have someone new to write letters to? Or at least, when will I stop writing them to you?


heart - break

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