Signing off (2010-05-08)

Dear Readers,

So far today I have:

Done half of my really fuck off hard assignment- including the phrase structure tree, which took me a whole goddamned hour to draw in word. The rest is a downhill slide! (And I got it extended until after I get back- woot!)

Submitted my other two assignments- one of which was 2 weeks early.

Packed my suitcase- although I am terrified that I have forgotten something vital...passport, flight confirmation, strippenkaart, insurance confirmation, oyster card, journal, chargers, adapater, money cards (and pin numbers)...I need to get some money changed and gum that it??

Booked my shuttle from the airport into Rome (and printed the confirmation)

Booked my hotel for the night I get back

Compiled all of the numbers and instructions for the 5,000 trains, hotels etc. that I need for the next few weeks.

Replied to all of my emails in preparation for my period of internet abstinence.

Possibly sorted a job- with accommodation included.

Organised a skeleton plan for my trip to Spain. I've decided that if I end up in Canterbury, I will just go to Paris from there on a weekend (or three :p), so I can probably skip that. Thus I will go to Madrid in mid July, then train to Barcelona, then fly to Nice and go to Saint Tropez and then fly from Nice back to the UK (somewhere). The first flight will be 20% off and then I can use my discount for the France to Uk one- one of the benefits of the volcano lol.

Oh and I ate some salmon, so hopefully there shall be sleep in store this evening!

So yes, it shall be radio silence for the next 2 weeks. Here's to hoping it all goes smoothly!


heart - break

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