Butterflies (2010-05-08)

Dear Gallus,

I leave tomorrow, TOMORROW!!! I am in Bristol for today/tonight, then I fly out to Rome tomorrow. I have been planning this trip for so long, it just feels so damn weird to have it be here finally.

I am just wasting time- I couldn't sleep, I was too excited, so I got up early and I'm way too pumped to even consider food.

I have that weird butterfly feeling when you are on the edge of something life altering, but you have no clue what is actually in store for you. I had it almost every time with you. And now I have it whenever I travel.

I think the difference is, I never knew if it was going to be good or bad with you, whereas it's always a happy/nervous/excited when I'm about to get on a plane.

But excuse me, for now I have a date with Europe :D


heart - break

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