Monogamy anyone? (2010-05-14)

Dear Gallus,

So, why is it that guys are such dodgy bastards. Seriously, I would love to know. As someone who cheats on pretty much everyone, I feel you are best qualified to answer this question.

On my tour there is this guy. Who flirts his arse off with me. But then yesterday I found out he has a girlfriend- no big, I back off slightly, I wasn't necessarily going to do anything anyway, but that was definitely a big turn off.

Anyway, I kinda call him on it, as in, if she's so great and he's so enarmored, why the fuck has he NEVER mentioned her. Like AT ALL. And he didn't really have an answer for that.

Then today I found out that one of the other girls (who is a total princess and pissed me right off in Venice with her drama) that he has also been flirting with (since I backed off) was going all out today and then they were making out in the caves. I will put money on the fact he didn't mention his girlfriend to her.

Thus bringing me to my question: what is it with guys?? Is it that you genuinely can't help it, it's there, so you just do it, or what?? Like, do not get me wrong, I know that girls cheat too, but in my experience it's not with the same frequency or blase attitude. Most girls, if they go O/S without their b/f are still faithful, it's like it doesn't occur to them or something.

Then when I got back today, a random group was checking in, and the ring leader starts hitting on me (I gave him some shit, because I was suss) and I later find out that he is on his stag night/weekend. Um hello, you are about to MARRY someone, keep it in your pants!

Now, this leads to my second question- why the hell is it always with me? Like, they ALWAYS have partners of late, it's crazy! And contrary to popular belief, I am not comfortable with that. I don't want someone else's leftovers and frankly, if you can so shamelessly betray someone you are meant to love, this does not instill me with an overwhelming sense of trust.

Seriously. I fucking give up. I am surrounded by dodgy a-holes who think fidelity is a Cuban dictator.

I must admit, I am glad I don't truly know if you cheated on me or not. I think if I knew for sure it would kill me.


heart - break

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