For Petty (2010-05-25)

Dear Petty,

Apologies for the public post, but I had no way of contacting you- you're not accepting notes??

Anyway, in answer to your question- no, diary and diarrhea are not related.

Diary comes from Latin diariam, meaning 'daily allowance' (from the latin word for 'day')

Diarrhea comes from Greek diarrhoia meaning 'to flow through'. Technically the rhea bit is the flowing bit, as it also applies to other medical words like logorrhea (logos= word), where aphasia patients run off at the mouth and use too many words (verbal diarrhea lol).

[Sorry to everyone else, but I just had to- what else is the point of a fancy linguistics degree if you can't help out with such crises every once in a while?]

Hope it helps!


heart - break

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