Confuzzled (2010-05-27)

Dear Gallus,

So, two weird things happened today:

1) I got a personal email from my lecturer, thanking me for my last module submission, as "it was great". Huh?

Please keep in mind that the first time I had any feedback from this woman was regarding the (motherfucking) cookie theft (how I hate thee) assignment earlier this week. And this was the 4th module that I submitted. And it was craaaappp because it was based on by far the most boring book I have ever had the misfortune to have to read. I ended up making stuff up, just to finish it so I could stop submitting my eyes/brain to that drivel. (Yes "Fluent Aphasias" I am talking about YOU.) It was also insanely rushed, as I had to finish it around packing the day before I left. And it was GREAT? Seriously?? That's it, the woman is officially on crack!

2) Vix, the only girl apart from me you've ever loved (according to you); the one who fucked you up and made you paranoid about people leaving you, wrote on my facebook. Again I say huh?

We used to be friends, true, but we haven't spoken for like 5 years...maybe 6? She moved to the UK and pretty much cut everyone out of her life. So what gives?

I must admit, I'm slightly paranoid that she will ask me about you and I don't know what I'm going to say. I hate lying, but the truth is honestly not worth it, particularly now. I always knew that eventually I would have to tell her if we stayed together, but we didn't, so I didn't, and as previously mentioned she kinda disappeared anyway, so I got away with it. Until now it seems.

I hate that even in your absence, you cause drama.


heart - break

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