Pouting for Australia (2010-05-28)

Dear Gallus,

So, today I am grumpy. I was meant to speak to someone on the phone about a new job, except my jackass consultant didn't give me her number, then by the time I got it, she went into a meeting and I didn't hear from her. If I miss out on this job because of that, I will actually kill him.

I am also getting sick. Why? Why, why, WHY?! I haven't been doing crazy stuff, I have been eating properly and sleeping properly and all that. I've even been home and NOT working like a madwoman, so what gives?

I hate being sick, it makes me sooky. And as you know, because it's not often, when I get sick it tends to be pretty epic. At the moment I have really sore ears and a sore throat and all of the glands under my chin/down the front of my neck are swollen like hell.

I'm also getting all pouty that I haven't had any replies to the many emails I have fired off this week. Nobody loves me *sad face*

Oh and another freaky thing happened today- a bird suddenly dropped through the chimney, freaked out and started flying around the lower level of the house, then kept head butting the window, but it wouldn't let me anywhere near it to actually open the window. Took me 10 minutes to get it out. Mad. If this is some kind of metaphor for me with my life right now, I don't appreciate it!

I really want a cuddle.



heart - break

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