Taste the need for perfection (2010-06-01)

Dear Gallus,

Guess what? You know that piece of shit I submitted the other day? The one where I was ridiculously tired and half arsed and finished it off in an hr, knowing it was complete crap?

I got another HD!

HA! Take *that* X-bar structure tree, you are my bitch!

I'm thinking maybe I'm onto something...being tired, thinking it's shit, suddenly getting an HD...hmmm...

The problem is that now I feel the pressure to maintain these standards. Damn type A personality! Now I really really really badly want a HD for the two big ones I have coming up. And that could be a problem, as one is due in a week which is 2500 words and the other is due in a week and a half and is 3000 words. That's 5500 words, plus research to get done in 10 days. This is not good.

I can't believe I wasted this whole fucking week being sick. Fuck!!!

See, this is where I need you, you were always good at calming me right the fuck down about uni crap. Realistically I know that I only need a distinction for my child topic to maintain the distinction average I have, as even a HD won't give me one overall. That stupid credit fucked everything up. Grrh.

Goddamnit but I want to maintain this HD string so bad I can taste it! Mhmm perfectionism, my old friend, we meet again.


heart - break

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