I'd rather be awesome (2010-06-02)

Dear Gallus,

So I'm trying to be awesome, really I am, but I keep being sick instead. My darling cousin sent me the funniest email, I just had to share:

Sorry you is sick, take drugs- do not be hippy flower child LMAO!

In more exciting news said cousin is coming to visit!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I am so ridiculously excited, many exclamation points are needed!!!!

Also, I have given in and supplicated my lecturer for an extension. I just couldn't see how the fuck I was going to get both of them done, particularly if I have to move- yes, that's right, we have final confirmation on the job today and then I will know if I have to be in London as of next week! Luckily, she is lovely and was chilled about extending it, so now I feel less panicked.

And then there is new real life communication happening, which is kinda cool. I have allowed a gateway to be opened to the mess of history that is our relationship, chronicled by my younger and more whingy self. I shall be fascinated to know what it looks like from the outside. Ridiculous I suspect, particularly given the way I am now.

Why on earth did I let you get away with that crap for so long??

Yeah, I don't know either.


heart - break

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