Over it (2010-06-11)

Dear Readers,

I haven't even started writing this new assignment yet and already I am sick of it. I get that SLI is this big mystery, but why can't we leave it that way? If however many incredibly experienced speechies/linguists still can't decide, how the fuck am I meant to make up their minds? I've over trying to make it make sense, because it doesn't- that is the point!

Meanwhile, after 6 phonecalls and countless emails, I finally have an address for me to move into. This does me no good if the dumbarse I have been dealing with forgets to leave the keys with security at the hospital of course, but we'll leave that freak-out for tomorrow.

I really just cannot get over the ineptitude and complacency with said ineptitude in this country. It is RIDICULOUS.

The majority of my life is in three boxes in the lounge and the rest is strewn across my soon to be old room. I probably should go do something about that, but I can't be fucked right now.

Sorry for being boring. Tis my life at the mo.


heart - break

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