Things are looking up (2010-06-15)

Dear Readers,

So first off, thanks for the suggestions- particularly to Petty for the more creative ideas, I laughed my arse off! (In all seriousness however, I couldn’t deliberately burn a pancake, t’would be sacrilege. Ruining food is my equivalent of cruelty to small animals)

So, I had, far and away, possibly the second best first day ever…*waits for people to parse that sentence* I’m serious, it was so exciting- people were ORGANISED and they actually KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING! We talked about cut out cups and NUK brushes and they knew what PODDs were (even if they haven’t used them yet) and we had this whole discussion about the functionality of oral skills work outside of food items and that lead to this whole other discovery of a new texture ‘bite & dissolve’ that we don’t have in Oz, coz we don’t have a crisp culture and and and it was AWESOME! I have finally found my people!! Huzzah!! It only took 8 months…

But more exciting than that is that I was having a meeting with my new boss- who was AMAZING- and suddenly this head pops over the partition and an Australian voice pipes up with “Did I just hear that you might be looking for accommodation?” Apparently there is a room going in Clapham (awesome area) and it is like dirt cheap for that area because the house itself is quite old and she comes around the partition to get my details and I see that…wait for it…. SHE IS WEARING A TRANSFORMERS T-SHIRT!!!!

Yes, that’s right!!! A girl!! Wearing a transformers t-shirt!!! To work!!!!

Fuck the house, I want to live with that girl!!! We talked a bunch after and she is really cool and we had one of those freaky same wavelength chats with lots of pop-culture quotes chucked in and I was just like- if I get an awesome job and a wicked house with cool people out of this, it will be worth the hell that I have been through over the last few weeks…everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, I need to catch a break!!

Meanwhile, back in the accommodation a la shite, my Spanish housemate is so sweet, we have been hanging out this afternoon. I am happy to live with her for a while, she’s lovely. The Portuguese one is a little odd, but oh well.

Man I am so pumped! But at the same time, I don’t want to get too excited, because I know my life, things do not usually work out this well, particularly not in two different areas at once, without me having to do anything…It makes me suspicious that the sky is about to fall down or something :/


P.S I now have 600 words :D

heart - break

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