Reflections (2010-06-25)

Dear Gallus,

So the weird dreams continue and I have this letter I really want to write to you, but then I realise something:

I don't feel like I can.

This used to be the place where I could say anything, the place where I would go to write the dark and not so shiny things that I think, but can't say out loud.

But this has now become the way my old diary used to be, metamorphosing into everyday whining and I feel like people read it and judge me and therefore I censor so much it hardly seems worth it.

So what to do?

Everyone else seems to have jumped ship...maybe I should do the same...except just back to my old purpleness, which was less anonymous, but then again, it has been so long since I wrote there, I don't think anyone I need to be concerned about actually reads it any more.



heart - break

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