Mad rush as always (2010-07-08)

Dear Readers,

So, I've had a good couple of days: positive feedback at work, cute kidilinks, one of whom gave me cuddles (god he was cute!) and wait for it- a place to live!!


It is a bit pricey, but I LOVE the area- I found out it has a good pilates and dance studio within walking distance booyah! And it's just me and one other girl, who owns the place, so minimal headfuck, yay. The other place was cheaper and with a bigger room, but noisier AND with four other people = mofo headfuckage.

So I am moving in this weekend bit by bit. I will be going back to my old place on Sunday to catch up with my peeps there and pick up the rest of my stuff...hopefully... if it all fits in the suitcase... I don't like my chances though...

Anywho, then I need to sort out the rest of my trip stuff- still don't have all of the accommodation booked yet, or the stupid trains because the trenitalia site is bitchslut!

I also need to be there for the movers on Tuesday and get waxed before I go and do all of my reports and get them all copied and sent off and all of my programming done and all of the computer system stuff up to date, since my stupid card didn't arrive until last week and I couldn't get it to work until Tuesday, so I have 3 full weeks of notes and appointments to input. Fuuuuccckk, how the hell am I going to get all of this done??

It's okay, I can do this.

I think,

I hope.


heart - break

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