When it all comes together... (2010-07-13)

Dear Readers,

I was reminded today of how much I want children of my own. I went to Ax a 16mth old (13mths corrected) and he was just GORGEOUS. He had these itty bitty cornrows and this incredible grin that just took up his whole face and he crawled all over me and we played tickle games and oh my god I just wanted to take him home!

The funniest part was that his mum was really stressed about how he would be, as apparently he is really clingy with her and he usually cries when he's left alone with new people and she was cooking in the kitchen, so we were alone- this was when I was tickling his bubby foots (testing anticipation/cause and effect) and playing round and round the garden and he was smiling from ear to ear (literally, I thought his face was going to split in half!) and generally having a ball.

She was so shocked, it was hilarious. She was like 'He's never like that with people he doesn't know' and I'm like 'Kids like me'. Which is true, if somewhat of an understatement.

And sometimes it makes me sad that I may never have a chance to put that into practice for myself...

In less depressing news I got my last essay back from uni- 90%! AND she actually wrote on it that it was the best in the class!!! I'm not sure what happened with the other one, I'm a little concerned I may have only gotten a distinction...but either way I ended up with a high distinction for that topic and then a solid distinction for the other. I'm a bit peeved, as I was only 2% of a HD, but hey, best essay in the class for something I thought was shite, I can't complain about that!

And my boxes are arriving tomorrow morning first thing, thank god, and I got a whole bunch of stuff done today, leaving me with only the report from this arvo to do and a few minor pieces of data entry and then my meeting about my potential new post...oh yeah they love me, so they want me to stay...and I'm going to go shoe shopping in the morning and then I just have to print off all of my stuff for my trip at work and the rest of the reports/letters and then post them and then voila, I am done.

Don't ask me how the hell this all actually worked out, but it did and I am not complaining!

It's still going to be busy tomorrow, but not completely unmanageable. I do have to fit in seeing people after work, but I am like 2/3rds packed, I just need to do a few more clothes and toiletries and get some books from the boxes arriving tomorrow and then the essential stuff like chargers etc.

I can do this! Yes I can!


P.S I have come to the conclusion that I must have been bitten by a radioactive spider, or hit by gamma radiation or something because I broke the front door of my house by accident on Saturday when I got pissed off with it and pushed too hard. Yes, I am turning into the Hulk. Next time I get pissed off I'm totally going to yell 'Hulk smaaasshhh'. Nobody will get it but me, but hey, at least I think I'm funny :P

heart - break

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