Put up or shut up (2010-08-16)

Dear Gallus,

So, I've had an interesting weekend. I ended up getting invited last minute to go with my housemate and her parents to an outdoor concert last night. Jamie Callum, who was just AMAZING, even if you're not into his music, he puts on an incredible show but without costumes or sets or back-up dancers. It's just so...organic I guess, his enthusiasm washes over you and you get caught up in his genuine joy in performing, you can't help it. Plus he does these little stand up bits in between, hilarious!

Anyway, I was sitting there in my deckchair, on the lawns of Kenwood house, where they filmed part of Notting Hill and watching this amazing artist and he did this audience participation thing which sounds wanky but was really sweet, where different parts of the audience had to sing different bits and it was a cool song and it was...nice.

And it struck me anew- I live in London. I live a completely different life to the one I was leading back home and I am so ridiculously happy, it actually concerns me sometimes. I really didn't realise how stressed and angry and upset I was for so long.

And then today my housemate's dad came over and put up some shelves and hooks for me and now my room is 90% organised and my masks from Venice and my pottery from Spain are all on display. I still need some blu-tack before I can put up all my art, but that WILL happen this week.

I also really need to get off my arse and do some uni work, but my motivation has been severely lacking- not helped by the wanker OT who is doing a linguistics topic and yet can do NOTHING but discuss Autism. Seriously woman, we get that that is clearly the only thing you actually know anything about, but move on! Particularly since the rest of the people doing this topic are actually qualified speechies or linguists (you know, given that it is a LINGUISTICS topic *eyeroll*) who know more about language and Autism than you ever could.

Yes, she really does shit me. So much so that I have been avoiding the web discussion boards because I just don't want to read her off topic crap- particularly as it is completely inaccurate. If she ever actually wrote something that was a) relevant and b) reflective of an even basic understanding of the linguistic principles underpining the topic, I would die of shock.

Sigh. Unfortunately the point remains that this week I need to DO SOME UNI WORK (really) and book all of the stuff for when my cousin comes- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The excitement!- see how much it will be to get my shoes fixed (I suspect I will just go back to the same shop in Madrid and buy some new ones), get some blu-tack and other accoutrements to put all of my art up, do some work related training (groan) and organise to meet the guy who's job I am taking over before he leaves. Oh and get my prettiful new lampshade that I have been coveting from the shop down the road :D

I really do like my life here. I am so glad that it worked out the way that it has and I get to have these experiences and these chances. I am glad that I didn't let you ruin my life.

Coz that would have been a real waste you know.


heart - break

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