You officially need a sibling, STAT! (2010-09-01)

Dear Readers,

Soo, no real mischief to report, sorry. I did get hit on in a rather hilarious way on my last day. I was at breakfast and this group of afro-carribean guys with an average age of at least 35 were speaking French and mine isn't good enough to be sure, but it seemed that they all stopped what they were doing, stared at me and then started talking about what they should say. It went a little like this:

First pass: Beunos dias [sorry, my spanish spelling is shit, forgive me]
*intense whispering*

Second Pass: Hola
*repeated Hola again, this time more in my direction*
-(in exasperation) "I don't speak Spanish!"
*more intense whispering*

Third Pass: You are very pretty (in English)
-Err. Thanks. (scuttles away)

Guys! Bloody hell! Can't a girl even have breakfast?

Anyway, overall, despite the random boob sightings, my trip was awesome. I hit Madrid hard and did some shopping damage- MAJOR shopping damage. 3 dresses, 9 tops and 5 pairs of shoes later...

Alas new split soles for ballet are not included in that list due to the specialist dance shop having closed since the last time I was there *sad face*.

I also didn't make it the museum, in that I did, but was snootily informed that I would need more time than I had, as it was closing earlier than I had been told.

I DID make it to Toledo. It was fuck off hot (38 degrees C), but very cool. I loved the gates and the monastery, but my favourite thing was going to the master crafts shop to see all of the moorish crafts- they beat tiny gold and silver filaments into steel to create these incredibly intricate designs. Amazingness.

AND best of all, they also make all of the medieval swords for the movies, so we went to the room filled with cool giant swords. GIANT SWORDS!!! Goddess, how I wanted my boys to be there, we totally would have had a sword fight lol. We also then would have been forcibly evicted, but it would totally have been worth it!

Then I came home and went straight off on a trip to Newcastle- how I have missed all my Geordie buddies, they are so lovely. Like my new housemate is nice, but there's not that genuine affection there, she's way too much of a typical only child.

***DISCLAIMER: Not *all* only children are like this, but a large portion are, hence the stereotype.***

As in seriously, self obsessed and attention seeking and constantly inflating her own ego. Classic example is with photos. She has all of her own photos up- which is totally cool, EXCEPT that it's not as like a memory thing i.e I was there blah blah, it's because hers "are so much better than ones you buy in the shops".

No, she is not a professional, somewhat obviously I feel. Like they're okay, but they look just like anyone else's holiday snaps, there's no amazing lighting or composition, yet she talks about them like she's going to make the next cover of National Geographic.

Amusingly, she also thinks she is smarter than everyone else. Yet she doesn't read books (at ALL) and did a completely normal uni degree in marketing and got completely average marks. Knowing certifiable genuises (who still have better social skills than her, more impressively) makes it hard for me to keep a straight face when she says some of these things. Honestly, I have a hard time not laughing at her most of the time. Particularly when she still calls her parents 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' *gags*.

This is not a good thing, because again, in typical only child syndrome style, she seeks constant feedback. And all I want to say is 'Dude, you're an adult, you don't need me to pat you on the head and tell you you're special, since clearly you think that already.'

My boys would NEVER let me get away with that, it would be like "Yeah right, SNOB!" and proceed to take me down a peg- or three-in any and every way they knew. That is what siblings are for! To remind you that no, you are not perfect and no, you are not the centre of the universe, but they love you anyway.


I know I should just suck it up, particularly as I like the house and love my room and the area and stuff, but it is pretty constant and it does grate at times, because she is so high maintenance.

Logically I also know it will be better once I start work and am able to interact with other people during the day- that and my routine of classes. It should be Monday ballet, then Thurs Pilates (if I can sort out a class) and hip hop and yoga on Sat. Hopefully there will also be BSL classes starting soon...although I think they are also on Thursdays :/

Anyway I need to shower, so I will leave this here.


heart - break

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