5 Random Thoughts (2010-09-03)

Dear All,

SO random thoughts:

1) My new job, I think, will rock. I started today- AT LAST- and went to a school that I should be in every week and they sign ALL THE TIME. This means I get to sign ALL THE TIME! eeeeeeeeee! Excitement! Plus, they are really damn cute and best of all, I totally understood the BSL, because the southern dialect is almost exactly the same as Auslan, booyah!

I also scored a cheeky half day tomorrow AND got invited out for a work do, hurrah!

2) Brandon Flowers- what kind of fucking name is that? No wonder he's a poncey, whingy, borderline falsetto pop star, what the hell else could he do with a name like that?

3) I had the hard teacher at ballet again tonight, even though it was the easy class. Sigh. Tomorrow is gonna HURT.

Nevertheless, I am glad I went because as I was leaving I bumped into my lovely former Spanish housemate. Turns out she lives across the road from my class!! This means we can hopefully catch up semi-regularly! Yayay!

4) My new book arrived today, as did my new organic, chemical free stuff- alas I have to go to the post office tomorrow to pick up the latter, it was too big for the letterbox. Now I just need my new battery for my puter to arrive and we're cooking with gas!

5) Stupid fucking umbrella company is giving me the shits again. They won't refund my work related travel- which is legitimately work related might I add- because I didn't technically get paid for the training, or the interview that I did. Fucking ridiculous. I think I might have to move companies, AGAIN. Added bonus, my consultant should be reimbursing me directly.

Thus, all in all, it has been a good day.

Now, I just need to meet a hottie tomorrow night while out in Soho and get laid and I will be a happy girl.


heart - break

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